Knife Grinder - Knives >1,000mm

Knife Grinder

Precision automatic twin-head knife grinder for grinding and lapping knives

Super sharp knives are based on a philosophy deeply rooted in Japan.

Very fine wooden surfaces have been part of Japanese culture in all areas for decades.
The mechanical production of such fine wooden surfaces led to the development of high-quality knives in Japan and, from around 1970, also to the development of the SuperSurfacer from MARUNAKA.
In order to be able to grind such high-quality knives perfectly and precisely at the same time, MARUNAKA developed their knife grinder with a grinding head including a separate lapping head.
Consequently, MARUNAKA use this outstanding grinding technology worldwide since around 1975 for grinding and lapping the knives of our slicers.

Technical features
With the grinding head, the knife is first precisely grinded and the knife edge is then lapped with the lapping head in an additional process on a width of <0.5 mm. In conjunction with our high-quality precision knife grinder, you get always highest quality of the sliced rigid foam surfaces. Furthermore, maximum sharpness, maximum durability and long-life time of your knives is guaranteed.
The access to the magnetic clamping table is ergonomically arranged so that all operations in connection with the grinding process can be carried out very precisely, conveniently and be carried out clearly. The visual control of the grinding / lapping is very convenient and clear. The grinding machines have an automatic magnet separator for safe separation of the metal chips and a combined sedimentation and cooling basin for the sediments produced by the grinding and lapping disc. Currently MARUNAKA offers such grinding machines for grinding lengths up to 2,000mm. The grinder is always PLC controlled. Therefore, individual adjustment of the grinding and lapping process is granted at any time.

Safety first! Our machines are approved by German TUEV and therefore CE certified.

Grinding and honing in one process! No further treatment required

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