High-performance Resins and other Synthetics

We slice even more special synthetics!

Slicing resp. peeling in the range of µm.
In the industrial sectors like the information and communication technology, production of various electronic components, CMP pads / wafer and thermo conductive sheets among others, various types of resins resp. synthetic materials are used in a wide variety of constellations.
In close cooperation with our customers, we therefore developed and supplied our special slices for use in various high-tech industrial sectors for slicing resp. peeling special foams (Urethane, among others).

For example only:
    1. Slicing of High-performance rigid foam resin (rectangular block shape) – Slicing thickness 100µm ~ 300µm
    2. Slicing of High-performance laminated resin (square block shape) – Slicing thickness 100µm
    3. Slicing of High-performance laminated resing (round shape block) – Slicing thickness 100µm ~ 300µm

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MARUNAKA offers individual customized solutions after professional tests.

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