Recycling of Synthetic / Thermoplastic Resin

We also split (slice) special synthetic / thermoplastic resin for recycling purpose which is an indispensable material for the production of laminated safety glass (automotive i.a.).

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We slice special high-performance resins!

Our state-of-the-art MARUNAKA splitting technology is designed for recycling the resin and is currently the most modern technology available on the market.

Basic material for the recycling is high-performance resin covered with top and bottom protective film rolled on bobbins which is supplied to the industry for the production of laminated safety glass (shutter proofed glass).

The total thickness of the three layers of ~1.0mm is splitted into three single layers of each ~0.3mm thickness by means of our special splitting technology during two production steps.

This splitting process is necessary for environmentally compatible recovery of the different and at the same time expensive raw materials (resin).

The high-performance resin recovered through this splitting process is a prerequisite for reuse in the manufacture of laminated safety glass / shatter-proof glass as interlayer film specially for automotive and many other applications.

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MARUNAKA offers always individual customized solutions after professional tests.

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