Wood Physics

The physics of wood and wooden materials in short explanations. Specialist literature reference:
Springer Handbook of Wood Science and Technology
  ISBN: 978-3-030-81314-7 Peter Niemz, Alfred Teischinger, Dick Sandberg 
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Wood Moisture

It is not wrongly claimed that the moisture content is responsible for up to 90% of all problems related with the use of timber. Who doesn’t take care about these fundamental facts between timber and moisture content will make bad experience.


Wood contains different quantity of moisture that depends on whether the tree is felled and immediately processed or the timber is already kiln dried to required moisture content for final usage.

Swell and Shrink - Dimensional Changes

Below the fiber saturation point uf 1) timber releases moisture and shrinks, vice versa timber swells if it absorbs moisture below the fiber saturation point uf *). Both processes change the timber volume that means timber is alive.

Determination of Moisture Content

The drying method is used to precisely determine the wood moisture content (u%) by evaporating the water contained in the wood and is the most accurate and reliable method for determining the values.


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