Automation - Merry-go-Round System - for our lengthwise slicer

Automations from MARUNAKA are individually designed and supplied according to the special performance requirements. Depending on the layout of the automation the slicing capacity of our lengthwise slicers can be increased up to 100%. The automation is always PLC controlled. Therefore, individual adjustment of the production process is granted at any time.

Slicer line incl. Automation in action

Since April 2022 GINKO d.o.o., Serbia starts the operation of this modern lengthwise veneer slicer line (MARUNAKA SL250V) incl. automation and roller veneer dryer. Our customer starts his own veneer production (~0.5-2.5mm) of various timber species.

GINKO is producer of furniture and interiors. This includes most modern design chairs, tables and complete furnishing of hotels, restaurants, coffee shops etc. Please contact GINKO for detailed information.

SL250V with conveyor system

SL250V incl conveyor
Slicer SL-250VII front knife type (built 1995) with conveyor system

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